Case studies

Braintree Arts Theatre

Braintree Arts Theatre is a small emerging theatre and the current owners inherited an existing card processing system that was used for taking bookings and in-person transactions on-site.


When a performance is taking place, the theatre’s staff have no more than fifteen minutes to serve up to 300 customers. Wanting to reduce costs and also improve the experience of their audiences, they were eager to consider upgraded credit and debit card processing options.

Following discussions with the owners, Annecto installed new chip & pin terminals that could also accept contactless payments from their customers. Furthermore, a virtual terminal capability was also added that seamlessly integrated with their website enabling them to securely accept online payments.

Since moving to Annecto, the owners of the theatre have reduced the costs associated with accepting credit and debit cards and also the time taken to process payments from their customers. They have also benefitted from Annecto’s ongoing helpdesk support. Owner, Mr Pattie said: “Having Annecto on board is a great advantage and the helpline is perfect!”

Martels Bridal Boutique

  • Martels Bridal Boutique sell wedding and bridesmaids dresses at discounted prices.


Prior to setting-up their business, the owners had no experience of accepting card sales using chip & pin terminals. Instead, they processed payments using an iPad system which proved unsatisfactory as it frequently crashed and did not enable them to take payments from their customers over the phone.

After identifying the business needs, the experienced Annecto team installed a new chip & pin solution that was also capable of accepting credit and debit card sales over the phone.

The results are summed up by the co-owners of the business who said: "We are very happy with the product and the results. The service is very good and we don't feel like idiots when we pick up the phone to speak to our account manager at Annecto to ask simple questions like, 'How do we put a new till roll in'. The terminal looks far more professional too. And what's more – turnover has increased!”


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